Memorial Day Whole Foods Supplement Special!

Shinto's Whole Food Supplement

Shinto’s Pet Food specializes in a live, active WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENT with over 40 different essential ingredients for prime nutrition. All of our nutrients are derived from a whole food source, and our blend was strategically developed with the help of a cancer research specialist and a medical doctor. Since then,it has evolved to meet the needs of many veterinary doctors and their furry patients all across California.

Now through Memorial Day every online order of Shinto's Whole Food Supplement comes with a free recipe card AND free jerky treat for your critter. Included with your order don't add to cart.

  • Repairs tissue damage & generates new cells.Purifies & detoxifies the kidneys, liver & colon.
  • Helps restore pH balance aiding in cancer prevention.
  • Assists in oral health, curing symptoms of inflammation & infection.
  • Promotes healthy digestion, creating gastric acids & gut flora.
  • Helps prevent urinary tract issues, kidney stones & crystals in urine