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Chinese Herbs - Itchy Scratchy - Allergy Relief

Healthy Paws Herbal Labs ~ Itchy Scratchy Allergy Relief

Don’t just relieve the symptom, help heal the damaged skin and hair while strengthening the immune system!

The combination of herbs works together to not just stop the symptoms but to help regulate and strengthen the immune system from allergies.

Ideally, it is best to remove the allergen causing the problems, however, consistent use of the formula may help your pet's immune system adapt over time.


The allergy formula may help reduce common environmental allergies and often you will notice a decrease in itching after the very first dose with its strong antipruritic properties. Excessive mucus may also start to dry after the first dosage.  If you don’t notice any effect on the first dose with itching or mucus, you may increase the dose by 50% and/or add a third dose during the day.

It will take the skin a couple of weeks to heal as a skin cycle is 27 days. You may notice a lightening of any redness and new hair growth over the affected skin within a few days.


 The supplements work within 25-45 minutes producing effects