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Chinese Herbs - Ouchie - Pain Relief

Healthy Paws Herbal Labs ~ Ouchie Pain Relief



Healthy Paws Herbals ‘Ouchie’ has a unique solution for your aging pet’s arthritis. Pain medication can only do so much and often just masks the symptoms. This HPHL formula has the strongest herbal pain relievers while delivering the best anti-inflammatories and nutrition specific for strengthening muscles, tendons, and bones. 

You may notice an immediate relief of pain but also when taking consistently over time, the physical structures may actually improve, as well, increasing your pet’s stability, strengths and range of motion! You’re getting a bang for your buck with this powerful combination of herbs!


In general, you may notice a decrease in pain within 25-45 minutes after the first dose. The pain-relieving benefits may last up to 4-6 hours. For realistic expectations, it is important to consider the diagnosis. Depending on how recent or how chronic the condition will determine the amount of time needed to stay on the formula.

Post-Surgery should be taken for 6-8 weeks. 

Recent Muscle Stain or Light Sprain should be taken 2-4 weeks.

Torn ligaments or muscle may need 2-3 months of treatment. 

Herniated Discs might need up to 3 months of treatment.

Arthritis is a chronic condition that continues to progress if not treated. At first, the normal dosage should be administered for 3-6 months. You may begin to decrease the dosage by half as long as you do not see a return of symptoms or pain. To prevent further deterioration of the joints, it is suggested a minimal dosage is maintained throughout your pet’s life.