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Shinto’s pet formulas were developed over years of research. It started with Nourishing Traditions, a common cookbook that takes nutrition back to the basics. It’s a cookbook for humans, so from there, we consulted the Association of American Feed Control Officials, a volunteer organization in charge of regulating the sale of animal food and medicines. We studied their guidelines, recommendations, and profiles to design a complete and balanced compilation of recipes. Then we considered how we could break down each ingredient to facilitate maximum absorption. We sprout everything. We break down nutrients to a cellular level. We debone proteins and break the bone down to stock to provide hydration that’s rich in collagen, CLA, glycine, and glucosamine. On their own, these nutrients reduce inflammation and improve skin and joint function. Everything is cooked, except for the blanched vegetables in the Starter Kit. We blanch them to preserve the raw nutrient value that’s available in organic vegetables.

We consulted professionals like veterinarians, doctors, and oncologists. We learned from working closely with pets with epilepsy and other conditions. Two things became clear: no one knows your pet better than you and there is no greater tool than nutrition. The four-step process was established to take your pet safely through the transition to a new and improved diet. We take it slow, allowing time for adjustment and detox. Every step of the way, we assess and consult. Shinto’s has now been in business for more than 10 years, seeing more happy endings every day. You know what your pet needs to live his best life and it starts in the food bowl. If your pet has been trying to tell you something is not right, you can trust the dedicated team at Shinto’s to help you help him start feeling better in as little as three days.