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The Starter Kit formulas can be given as a complete and balanced diet or as a supplement. All brown rice in the Starter Kit is sprouted, so there are no phytic acids that cause mineral deficiencies. The sprouted rice works as a natural probiotic to increase healthy gut flora and hydrochloric acids that protect the stomach, help the body absorb protein and other nutrients, and protect the body from infection. All veggies are uncooked to retain nutrients and rolled into sprouted rice. Take a photo of your pet’s stool the day before you start the program to help monitor the Starter Kit’s rapid healing process. If your pet eats commercial pet food, you’ll likely see the mucus membrane that protects the body from harmful ingredients.



All formulas in this meal plan are designed to detoxify each of the major organs with high doses of antioxidants and vitamin C. Antioxidants help protect your pet against damage done by free radicals, which are the hyperactive electrons leftover from natural internal oxidation processes. Oxidation is increased by poor diet, and the resulting free radicals cause damage to tissues throughout the body, including hair, skin, and internal organs. We specifically target the liver and kidneys to eliminate inflammation of the pancreas and protect the vessels, heart, eyes, nerves, and more by managing blood sugar levels.

  • Bison, Turkey, Beets and Liver
  • Turkey, Quinoa and Kale
  • Chicken, Quinoa and Kale



The next four weeks or more/less, depending on your pet’s individual needs, will consist of a limited-ingredient meal plan with complex proteins for liver and kidney support. The major organs have detoxed by now, so this month is designed to provide all the nutrition your pet’s body needs for healing and restoration. Nutritional deficiencies can affect the endocrine system, which is responsible for all bodily functions, including growth, development, metabolism, reproductive health, and behavior.

These simple formulas replenish the endocrine system to optimize your pet’s entire physiology. The Healing Meal Plan is set up on automatic delivery to ensure your pet has what he or she needs throughout the healing process. After this final step in your pet’s introduction to a better diet, we’ll do a final Pet Health Assessment and consultation to determine what meal plan is right for your pet going forward.

  • Angus and Sweet Potato
  • Turkey and Sweet Potato
  • Duck and Sweet Potato
  • Lamb and Sweet Potato



Not all pets will need to gain weight. Some are just the opposite and will benefit from the standard meal plan alone. However, if your pet has become underweight or malnourished from a commercial pet food diet or if he simply burns through calories with boundless energy, this high-calorie formula will help to replenish lost mass. We’ll help you decide if adding the Optional Weight Gain meal plan is right for your pet by reviewing your Pet Health Assessment together and discussing your concerns and your pet's progress so far. If this is the final step in your pet’s introduction to a better diet, we’ll do a final Pet Health Assessment and Consultation to determine what meal plan is right for your pet going forward.



Consistency and variety is where our food provides longevity. Repeating the entire 12 week process gives your pet everything they need to grow strong, live longer and experience a better quality of life.