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Shinto’s is the next level in pet nutrition and we will continue to spread our message and our superior product to raise the bar of pet care around the country. Our vision is to have a direct hand in the revolution of the commercial pet food industry by establishing a higher standard. Our pets deserve better than what the commercial pet food industry is currently offering, which is a whole lot of cost-cutting and not much nutrition or care for our furry friends. The FDA has recently declared that companies don’t even have to disclose what their questionable ingredient labels actually mean, and the definitions can be much different than what they are in human foods, even with seemingly simple ingredients like chicken. They can be expired, spoiled, “condemned”, altogether uninspected, or parts of the chicken that contain no meat at all.

We want to see enforced pet food regulations that eliminate harmful fillers and ingredients that cause inflammation, cancer, organ damage, and lethargy. Hundreds of lawsuits and recalls have already started the movement towards more transparent and more beneficial pet food. Shinto’s will keep providing optimal, human-grade nutrition to cats and dogs while other brands catch up, and when they do, we’ll continue to set the standard.