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Zack, age 17, a Shinto's DogZACK, Age 17
"When Zack was 13, we discovered Lindsey and her magical Shinto’s food.  Right about that time, my husband proclaimed “he’s old, he now gets absolutely anything he wants, who cares if he becomes absolutely spoiled?”  So, Zack wanted Lindsey’s food (I brought it home to try one day and he went nuts over it) and so he got Lindsey’s food. OK, so we also bought it because we figured we should put our money where our dog’s mouth was, since, as a household we focus on consuming organic, fresh food for our own health, how could we pass up the opportunity to do the same for Zack?

At 13, Zack was a very healthy dog, but the joints in his hind legs had started creaking and popping when he’d stand up, and we were nervous that old age was about to overtake him.  Two months after being on Shinto’s food the creaking and popping were gone.  Zack is now 17…still no creaking and popping, and a 2 hr hike on the trails of Mt. Tam is still part of his weekly ritual.  Thank you Lindsey!"    --Kalara Schuster

Maggie, a Shinto's Doggie, Age 17MAGGIE, Age 17
"When Maggie was about 16 years old, she was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. We didn't know what to do. We were afraid we were losing her. Just a few days later, we were up at our local Farmers' Market in San Mateo and happened upon the Shinto's booth. I saw the big 'Dog Food' banner and and decided to check it out.  We met Lindsey and talked for quite awhile. She gave us a container of food to take home and try with Maggie. Maggie loved it. Since then she's been a Shinto's doggie, and for more than a year now, her blood work has shown no signs of pancreatitis!  We are amazed and grateful. She'll be 18 years old in January (2016) and still loves her nightly walks - sometimes over 2 miles long. We look forward to many more walks, and trips to the park where people are always surprised to find out that this happy doggie is this age. We always tell them "Powered by Shinto's!" We love you, Lindsey, and are forever grateful to you for loving our Maggie and supporting us through her illness. Your love for animals shines right through Shinto's.  A true dog angel!" --Anne & Jim

Susan's Abyssinians, all ages!SUSAN'S ABYSSINIAN'S, All ages!
 “I’ve been breeding and showing Abyssinian cats since the early 1980’s.  My cats are not only much loved pets and companions, but also “show cats for whom visible, vibrant health and condition is absolutely essential.  The muscular feel of their bodies, their bright shiny eyes, and the gleam on their coats … these are all part of what it takes to win. 

I’ve tried a wide range of different foods over the years, and discovered that the single best option for my adult Abyssinians is to feed a raw diet – to which I add the exceptional supplements from Shinto’s Pet Food that insure they receive all the nutrition they need. 

Lindsey makes a customized version of her Whole Food Supplement for me with the extra calcium and trace minerals that pregnant mothers and growing kittens need to build healthy bones.  The cracked cell Phytoplankton that is unique to Shinto’s Whole Food Supplement is absolutely key to the optimal absorption of nutrients.  Then I add Shinto’s Omega-3 and Probiotic supplements to every batch of food I prepare; the latter of which is infinitely superior to any other similar commercial product I’ve ever used. Shinto’s Whole Food Supplement is also part of a critical mixture I use to help wean my kittens as they transition from mother’s milk to whole foods. For special situations – like a “convalescent cat” or a fragile kitten, I treat with Shinto’s Bone Stock – Chicken or Turkey.  Shinto’s products have been even more important during those few times when  things went wrong, and I found myself having to hand-raise a kitten. 

I am thrilled to have discovered Shinto’s products, and I hope to go on using them for years to come.” --Susan Kidder (Photo Courtesy of Chanan Photography)

Miso, a Shinto's Kitty, Age 7MISO, Age 7
"Thank you for the love and care you put into making your cat food, with needs like Miso's in mind.  We love Shinto's!" --Eve and Miso

Callie, a Shinto's Doggie, age 8CALLIE, Age 8
"My dog Callie suffered with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for years. I tried various diets recommended by vets for her but without success. We were running out of options when I discovered Shinto’s dog food. Callie loves the food and hasn’t had problems with IBS since she started on it. She’s a happy, healthy dog again!” --Ann Simon

Freddie & Posey, Shinto's Doggies, Ages 13 and 2FREDDIE & POSEY, Ages 13 and 2
“I have 2 dogs; Freddie, an eight pound, 13 year old Chihuahua and Posey, a 55 pound, 2 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  Freddie was never happy with her food; she seemed to always have stomach issues. When she was about 2, she started to have seizures. She was on heavy duty medications and seemed to lie around and sleep all the time. I was always trying different foods, thinking she was just picky. One day I was looking on the internet about dogs and seizures. I ran across a lot of things that said it could be food/diet related. It really made me start thinking about that. I then started looking for a good dog food. That was hard, what I thought was a good dog food was just OK, if that. One day while at the farmers market I ran into Lindsey and her Shinto’s Pet Food stand. I stood there for over 10 minutes talking and finding all about this wonderful dog food. I started with a small amount and Freddie loved it! She would dance in circles when I got the food out. I never saw her like this before. Well it’s been years now and Freddie is doing great, she acts like a puppy and is full of energy. She eats great and still does the dance when I take out the Shinto’s Dog Food. She has not had any seizures in almost a year. The last one she had was very mild. The only medication for seizures she is on now is vitamin E. 

I have been feeding Posey Shinto’s Dog Food since day 1. My husband says she's a stud! It’s that food you feed her! She eats a mix of the wet foods and some dry Shinto’s kibble. Both our dogs take Shinto’s Omega-3 supplement with their food. Posey loves the dehydrated Chicken Feet treats. For the Pig Ear treats, she will open the gate to her pen and sit in there and wait for it. I am so thankful I found Shinto’s and Lindsey, my dogs are so happy, thank you!” --Michele Blomberg, Freddie and Posey

Hamish, a Shinto's French BulldogHAMISH & BLUE
“It took two years to find our Hamish; a French Bulldog who was ethically bred to breathe properly, was larger, and who would be able to have an active life!  When we brought him home, I wasn't going to just feed him anything. I knew about Shinto's Pet Food from friends who were already feeding it, and I had seen the dramatic changes that had taken place in their pets. When Hamish was two, his mother, Blue, joined us!  We began transitioning her diet to Shinto's Pet Food. She has clear eyes, no itchy skin, and like Hamish, energy for miles! They are not your typical Frenchies, they are Shinto Frenchies!

 It is very important to us that our four legged children receive proper nutrition. Chef Lindsey knows her stuff, and is constantly researching and keeping up on animal nutrition. I like that the protein is locally sourced, not frozen prior to processing, and that there are no corn or soy products. They prefer the chicken and brown rice version, and are very partial to the roasted marrow bones as favorite treats!

Now, if only Chef Lindsey could start expanding from canine and feline to add equines!” --Dorian

Ed, a Shinto's DoggieED
“After learning our 'little boy' Ed was diagnosed with kidney disease,  my husband and I searched diligently and carefully for food that could maintain his appetite while at the same time be safe for his kidneys. Now, over one year later, I can confirm that Chef Lindsey and Shinto’s Pet Food saved Ed’s life. Her knowledge and dedication to provide us with tasty meals while also managing the complications of protein intake (that is detrimental with kidney disease) has literally been the reason all of his tests now come back with excellent results. Her love, knowledge and concern for Ed’s well being have made us loyal clients of Shinto’s forever. Thank you Chef Lindsey!” –Angie and Ed