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Lindsey and ShintoLindsey McClerin was living an adventurous life in Cancun with her husband Kip when they expanded their family to include a female Pekinese/Maltese/Mexican mutt. They named her Shinto, which means “Way of the Gods”. Later, when Lindsey tragically lost her husband to a brain aneurysm at the age of 38, Shinto remained as a living link to their past together. When Shinto was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and several other ailments at the age of 10, Lindsey was determined to do everything she could to prevent Shinto from being taken from her early. Already well versed in nutrition and organic foods for the sake of her own lifestyle, Lindsey began researching the commercial foods she’d been feeding Shinto. Shocked by the contents, she began cooking her own food for Shinto, designed to alkalize the dog’s system and increase her white blood cell count. Shinto’s health returned and she lived with Lindsey for another six years. Since then, Shinto's Pet Food has grown to assist dogs and cats with many ailments, and has fed over 20,000 critters over the past 10 years.