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Adjustable Dog Leash


A new dog leash design that incorporates eight individual grip points that allows the user to change grip positions both quickly and securely, but without having to stop while walking or running, and still maintain maximum control, security, and most of all, safety for their dog.

Dog Leash Details:

  • This dog leash is six feet in overall length including the polished swivel hook
  • Made from Twelve feet of sturdy nylon webbing folded in two creating a double webbed leash (More Durable and harder to chew through).
  • Swivel – Hook stitched into far end of leash for connection to dog collar.
  • Double stitched grip point handles along leash, for better control of the dog


  • Walking Your dog
  • Training your dog
  • Running with your dog
  • Hands Free dog walking
  • Tethering Your dog to an Object for short periods