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All Purpose Plant Food

All Purpose Plant Food
It enhances the soil's ability to hold onto essential nutrients and provides a buffer against soil acidification.Your Rose plants will be allowed to fully absorb all of the nutrients in this formula, by decomposing the nutrienents need for the plants develpement. Also adds stimulants to the soil, increases vigor through micronutrients, and helps the rose plants soil absorb the nutrients for food production. We want your roses to be healthy, so delivering a combination of stimulants and nutrients to your roses while feeding them for optimal growth.
This formula has been designed to help ferns with their nutrient uptake. The Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, and other trace minerals are upostively charged and unlock from the soil and bind togethe. Thus delivering to your plants root system an efficiant feeding. We have also formulated micronutrients to provide strong health for the fern in your landscape to thrive. foliar applicatin and soil applications are preferred.
The benifits of this formula to your bulbs is health and strength in their start of the season. We have achieved this by introducing micronutrients to the soil and unlocking the exsisting ones. Those nutrients increases flower production on flowering plants, increases plant resilience to disease, boosts root growth, both in rate and root mass. Our blend of organiccs and micronutriens allows your bulbs to flourish.
This Formula of organic stimulants, and enhancements have been selected to boost flower production and increace your valued plants health. It does this by increasing the decomposing of the nutrients needed for growth. We have also incorperated micronutrients to allow your plant to increase water and nutrient consumption and increase health and vigor. This formula will not only feed your ornamental, but also help the health of the soil that it feeds from.
You have made a very important decison for your plant and thier health, and they in return will reward you.