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Allergy Test My Pet

DISCOVER your dog's unique intolerance and sensitivities to around 100 factors including the common household and environmental factors affecting your pet's wellbeing. It will also show you which foods you should avoid - and which may be safe - in your pet's diet as well as food and environmental allergens to keep an eye on.
NOTE: This test is NOT recommended for dog's under 1 year of age due to the variance in their physiological system.
Your results include:
  • A custom analysis of around 100 food and environmental items that your pet may have sensitivities to.
  • A list of food and household products you should avoid including laundry and cleaning products, tobacco and other household items..
  • PLUS so much more!.
NOTE:Your dog must not be on any antihistamines, apoquel or steroid based medications a minimum of one week and up to 2 weeks before taking your sample or it will affect your results.