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Dental Kit - Oxyfresh

Let your pet show off those pearly whites with pride when using Oxyfresh Pet Dental Kit! It comes with one Water Additive to help freshen breath and fight plaque and tartar, one Dental Gel to promote clean teeth and freshen breath and three finger toothbrushes for a gentle, yet efficient clean. Both the Water Additive and Dental Gel are 100% non-toxic and formulated with Oxygene, Oxyfresh’s exclusive odor eliminator that helps combat bad bacteria that can lead to stinky breath. And since both formulas are completely odorless and tasteless, your pet won’t even know she’s keeping up with her dental health!
Key Benefits Helps give your pet fresh breath, fast! This kit is designed to help remove plaque and tartar to support overall dental health. The Water Additive and Dental Gel are both flavorless and odorless. Comes with three finger toothbrushes that help gently scrub away plaque and tartar. Suitable for canine companions and feline friends alike.
What's Included (3) Toothbrush, Dental Gel 1-oz, Water Additive 3-oz.