Chicken & Organic Brown Rice Formula for Dogs


  • Our original formula, which has been providing great nutrition to critters for half a decade. Great for a dog of any health level or life stage, pairs well with Chicken Bone Stock.
  • Chickens: All of our chickens are regionally sourced within 120 miles of our Grass Valley location, USDA Certified, Antibiotic & Hormone Free and never frozen. We boil the chickens for up to 3 hours, thereby eliminating any bacteria or salmonella. We then create a bone marrow stock from the bones and cartilage.

    Organic Brown Rice: All of our rice is from Massa Organics in Chico, Ca. Our rice is a fresh harvest and is sprouted before the cooking process. Sprouting the rice eliminates Phytic Acid which, if not removed, will combine with minerals and block absorption. Sprouted rice is also great for animals with diabetes and high cholesterol. Our sprouted rice is then cooked in our in-house made bone marrow stock.

    Veggie Mix: We use Organic Yams, Organic Carrots and Organic Apples. We purchase all of our vegetables from local farmers as much as possible. We do not cook our vegetables the traditional way. Instead, we actually blend up our vegetables raw in a 20 amp blender to mimic the intestinal tract of a fresh kill in the wild. After our grain is fully cooked and steaming we then add the micro-fibrous vegetable to lightly blanch them, always retaining the nutrients necessary for the healing health of your critter.

    Shinto’s Whole Food Supplement: What makes our food formulas stand out and where the industry of natural foods doesn’t take you, is that all of our nutrients are derived from a whole food. Our Whole Food Supplement contains every essential amino acid and trace mineral, plus is a 65% plant based protein found in our phytoplankton. It also contains a complete B complex derived from a GMO free beet, plus organic chia seed which lowers the glycemic index and regulates blood sugar. It contains calcium and Kombu Kelp. Taurine is the only exception, which is the lining around organ meat that we have to source out.

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