Pig Ears Treats for Dogs

Now through Memorial Day every online order of Shinto's Whole Food Supplement comes with a free recipe card AND free jerky treat for your critter. Included with your order don't add to cart.
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Category: For Dogs, Pig Ears, Treats

Type: Treats

  • At 13, Zack was a very healthy dog, but the joints in his hind legs had started creaking and popping when he’d stand up, and we were nervous that old age was about to overtake him. Two months after being on Shinto’s food the creaking and popping were gone...
    -Kalara Schuster

  • We met Lindsey and talked for quite awhile. She gave us a container of food to take home and try with Maggie. Maggie loved it. Since then she's been a Shinto's doggie, and for more than a year now, her blood work has shown no signs of pancreatitis! We are amazed and grateful.
    -Annie & Jim

  • I’ve tried a wide range of different foods over the years, and discovered that the single best option for my adult Abyssinians is to feed a raw diet – to which I add the exceptional supplements from Shinto’s Pet Food that insure they receive all the nutrition they need....
    -Susan Kidder

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  • Pig Ears: This bag of full-size pig ears is for all breed of dogs and are a hit with some cats. With 3 ears to a bag, there is enough to go around or break up into that favorite weekly treat. 


    -Give your critter no more than 2 to 4 treats per day.

    -Always feed treats in moderation.

    -Use alongside Shinto’s Pet Food for a complete and balanced meal.

    -Make sure your critters get plenty of exercise and purified water.


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