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Hydration Benefits of Human Grade Pet Food

Dehydration could be doing more harm to your pet than you realize. Even mild dehydration can cause headaches, constipation, lethargy, fatigue, dizziness, low blood pressure, even irritability and other mood changes. It can give the appearance of sunken skin and cause uncomfortable dry mouth. Common causes of dehydration are diarrhea, vomiting, fever, sweating, increased urination caused by disease, too much sodium, such as you’ll find in many commercial pet foods, and simply not taking in enough water.

Wet foods are packed with natural hydration, so they’re a natural choice for pets who have trouble staying hydrated. Electrolytes are chemicals that carry electricity in water. They’re essential to muscle and nerve function, healthy blood pressure and acidity, and healing. Electrolytes from bone marrow in Shinto’s formulas hydrate your pet and help improve your pet’s ability to retain that hydration. Wet food is absorbed into the body more slowly because there’s more nutrition to take in. On Shinto’s diet, your pet will continue hydrating throughout the day.