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There are endless factors that can affect the amount of time your furry family member gets to spend with you. From low immunity to disease to organ failure, there are just so many things to protect your pet from. Shinto’s pet formulas can help you thoroughly protect your pet from early death by simply changing his diet. The risks associated with a poor diet are severe and can even be fatal. Heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer are all linked to what you put into your pet’s body. Some of these conditions are more likely in younger pets, meaning your pet is not immune to the effects of commercial pet food just because he’s young.

A better diet will give your pet more protection and more energy with which to be active, enjoy life, and maintain a healthy weight, which will have additional health benefits like healthier joints and less musculoskeletal pain. The hydration, nutrition, and anti-inflammatory effect your pet will receive on Shinto’s meal plan will set him up for a long and joyful life. Even the natural aging process can be slowed down with antioxidants that protect against the damage free radicals do to internal and external organs. Make a choice to give your pet less cancer, pain, disease, and fatigue, and more energy, vitality, comfort, health, and strength. Choose Shinto’s meal plan for the pet you love.