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People are starting to recognize the dangers of a commercial pet food diet, thanks to hundreds of lawsuits and recalls involving pet foods that deliberately misled customers or worse, caused documented cases of death and illness with their products. It comes down to priorities. Big commercial pet food brands who manufacture overseas and deliver dry nuggets of questionable nutritional value care about their profit margins. Shinto’s cares about what matters. Every decision we make is based on one thing: your pet’s wellbeing.

When we choose where to source our ingredients, we look locally because we want the freshest protein and produce possible. We only buy humane proteins like grass-fed and cage-free because it’s better for those animals and yours. Grass-fed beef contains less fat than grain-fed beef and a lot more of the things you want, like omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA helps your pet maintain a healthy weight and control or prevent type 2 diabetes. Cage-free poultry hens are able to exercise, lay eggs in nests, and generally experience a significant reduction in stress compared to caged poultry. That stress reduction has a measurable positive effect on the quality of the meat, both in taste and in nutrition, due to lower lactic acid levels. Shinto’s meals are prepared in small batches with no additives. That allows us to maintain complete control over quality and ensure that each one is true to analysis and that your pet’s meals contain all of the ingredients intended for her.

The meals are then hand-packed with love and care, including safety precautions that prevent contamination, before being delivered right to your door, making it easier than it’s ever been to improve your pet’s diet. Your pet is your family and you want what’s best for her. That’s why you need Shinto’s.